My breastfeeding journey hasn’t been short of trials and tribulations. I went back to work when McKenzie was 6 weeks old and struggled with pumping enough. My milk supply dwindled no matter what I tried. Zoie latched immediately but ate so much, I couldn’t keep up with her demand. With Rylie because I got sick with salmonella and a blood infection, I had to stop nursing for a long period of time. These remedies have helped me tremendously in almost instantly boosting my supply. I also have a few recipes that include moringa, you can check these out as well here or by searching moringa in the search box.

  1. Coconut Milk Protein Shake : I use Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder and unsweetened original coconut milk. Occasionally, I’ll add half of a banana for extra sweetness. I drink one or two (depending how bad I need it pump and feed, feed, pump, etc.

  1. Moringa : I found mine at Amazon here,but  I’m sure you can find it at your local health food grocery store. I’ve used both the powder that I keep handy in my pantry, as well as, the capsules.

  1. Oatmeal : Pretty sure any kind of oatmeal is just fine, for creamy and an extra boost, use coconut milk to make it. A bowl or two of this should do the trick. For sustaining results, I’d recommend having it for breakfast and maybe a dessert for about a week.

  1. Starbucks Pink Drink : This was suggested to me by a friend and it worked like magic. I mean like within 1 hour I was running to the pump. There’s a few homemade versions of this recipe floating around, but I suggest trying the drink first so you know the flavor you’re going for. Ju

  1. Tons of water/gatorade : If you’re already drinking water, double it. If you’re not drinking enough, drink more! The more you’re dehydrated, the faster your milk dries up.

Do you have any tips that helped boost your milk supply? Share your breastfeeding journey in the comments 🙂

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