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6 Tips Transitioning from Working Mom to WAHM Mompreneur

Becoming a mom brings you face to face with many challenges. You suddenly question things you may never have even considered before conceiving. One of them being, your work life balance. Some women have always dreamt of being SAHM (stay at home moms) while others dream of climbing the corporate ladder + fitting kids in somewhere in between, there’s women who want to balance both and many others in between. You never quite know where you’ll actually end up landing. I certainly didn’t think I’d be transitioning from a working mom to a WAHM mompreneur.

I for one, always had in mind that I would climb the corporate ladder so that i would be in a position to be “available” and present in my children’s lives. When i had  McKenzie, I had every intention of catching up on being available once I got to a certain level in my career. Coincidentally, that time period came simultaneously with me having Zoie. Juggling both after maternity leave and a major car accident later, I quickly realized that I wanted to have more choice / control over being home with them. I was missing milestones and didn’t dare want to miss a single presentation at school. I quickly came to the conclusion that pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur would allow me to be home with my girls and still manifest my goals that I had only been working on in my spare time (like this blog).