6 Tips Transitioning from Working Mom to WAHM Mompreneur

Becoming a mom brings you face to face with many challenges. You suddenly question things you may never have even considered before conceiving. One of them being, your work life balance. Some women have always dreamt of being SAHM (stay at home moms) while others dream of climbing the corporate ladder + fitting kids in somewhere in between, there’s women who want to balance both and many others in between. You never quite know where you’ll actually end up landing. I certainly didn’t think I’d be transitioning from a working mom to a WAHM mompreneur.

I for one, always had in mind that I would climb the corporate ladder so that i would be in a position to be “available” and present in my children’s lives. When i had  McKenzie, I had every intention of catching up on being available once I got to a certain level in my career. Coincidentally, that time period came simultaneously with me having Zoie. Juggling both after maternity leave and a major car accident later, I quickly realized that I wanted to have more choice / control over being home with them. I was missing milestones and didn’t dare want to miss a single presentation at school. I quickly came to the conclusion that pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur would allow me to be home with my girls and still manifest my goals that I had only been working on in my spare time (like this blog).

After about 3 weeks, it quickly set in that I was in for way more than I had bargained for. Even with my husband home quite it a bit, it still wasn’t at all like I had expected. Raising them while trying to start a business, keep my house clean and be a good wife, while also somehow finding time for myself seemed nearly impossible to do daily at least. I’d have successful days and some lazy days in between from burning out add being pregnant to that and it was a mess. However, over the past 6 months, I’ve learned quite a bit about finding my balance, especially in regards to maximizing my time to avoid burning out.

Here are six tips/honest conclusions I had to accept about being a WAHM that have helped me push through:

Have patience. Have patience with yourself, your children and spouse, and your business. Remember this is all new and you’re still learning how to balance all of your priorities. Don’t worry you’ll find your way in due time.

– Set realistic expectations/goals. Ease into the role, I recommend creating a schedule with your children first, then build on responsibilities as you settle. You’ll be able to get a better idea of how much you can accomplish and how much time you have without burning out… Which brings me to my next tip.

Time Management. Prioritize your time, and make the best use of downtime during the day. Don’t forget to do as much as you can for your business during the day to limit staying up too late when you have to wake back up with the kids. You also want to make sure you’re carving out time for yourself either at the beginning of the day to relax, release, meditate, just sit in silence, whatever floats your boat. 

Be honest with yourself and your partner. There’s nothing wrong with manifestation, but there’s no need to walk into balancing building a business and being a SAHM expecting to make thousands of dollars immediately, be free to take naps, have a sparkling clean house 24/7. Having these honest conversations with yourself and your partner will allow you both to prepare for days when things may be more challenging.Transitioning from 2 incomes to 1, household chores falling behind, you not being as rested. Don’t worry the long nights and early mornings will all pay off if you stay consistent and work hard.

Dedicate a space in your home JUST for working. This will help you separate yourself from general household chaos, keep you organized, and help you get focused and faster when it’s time to get work done.

Make time to get OUT! Go to HH, grab coffee with another mom, take your kids to the park, go to library, WHATEVER, just get out of your house! When your home life and work life merge its easy to get sucked into your home. Before you know it, you’ll realize the only place you’ve been in the last 6 weeks is your kids soccer practice, the grocery store, gas station, and home. Get out and get some fresh air. Get a change of scenery, it’ll keep you inspired, and your head above water. Seeing other adults and spending time with other moms, friends, etc can be refreshing and is much needed when you’re creating balance. Every day can’t be changing butts, vacuuming, and working on your business. You literally NEED the social interaction (no social media doesn’t count).

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me transition from working, to becoming a WAHM Mompreneur. What are some tips you may have? What’s been the hardest part of transitioning for you? Leave a comment below!

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