Are you Wearing Protection?

Haha, ok so before you freak out, I’m talking about Protective styles? As in, are you giving your hair a break from all the daily stresses you put it through? Pineapple at night, refresh in the morning, weather + clothes during the day, right back into it’s pineapple again. Don’t get me wrong, having a hair routine is great! Your hair becomes trained and should remain detangled, etc. but sometimes your hair needs a break just like we do.

Day 3 Hair

TGIN has been my go to product line this winter, especially for protective styles. My recent go to has been two strand twists. Process is Wash, deep condition for 30 minutes, rinse, Leave- in, seal with an oil, sit for about 15 minutes then add a moisturizing cream. I then let air dry for the day then twist my hair up with a little twisting cream to keep my twists smooth. I keep my hair twisted for as close to a week as possible by re-moisturizing each night with the daily moisturizing cream.

TGIN: Products Can be purchased at your local Target or Sally’s.

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