Battle of the Eco Styler : Which one is the best?

Hey everyone!

So I’ve finally got my hands on the Black Castor + Flaxseed Oil Eco Styler Gel. I mean.. it only took me a couple months. (I’m too lazy to order products, because I hate waiting for shipping, yes I’m one of those people). This new eco styler easily has become my FAVORITE by far + I’m writing with only day 2 hair. It had a fresh clean scent and a bit of a shimmer unlike the others, but felt much more creamy/heavier than it’s siblings. It gave great slip and my hair is super soft without needing to break any cast. This eco styler also claims to promote hair growth, and nourishes and repairs hair. uhm. Yes Please!

Now I’ve been using eco styler for YEARS. It’s always been my holy grail/go to when I need a reliable wash + go. No matter what leave in/cream I’ve paired it with in the past, it has yet to fail me, so I knew this one would be no different but sheeeesh!  I wasn’t expecting such amazing results.

I typically use the olive oil because of the great hold it has and how moisturized it keeps my curls, but lately I’ve been trying out the argan oil, which like all eco stylers  – gives me great definition + again, I can pair with ANY leave-in. My only issue was frizzing at the roots which I imagine is because argan oil is a lighter oil than olive so it doesn’t weigh my hair down as much. Some curlies like voluminous hair, while I prefer the latter so my hair lasts longer than a couple days.

Comparing all 3, hands down, Black Castor + Flaxseed Oil win the battle with Olive taking a close second, and Argan following suite.

Have you tried the new eco styler, what are your thoughts? Do you use any of the others? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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