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Black and Brown Kids Book Collection

This post is dedicated to sharing my current home collection of books for black/brown kids. This book list is by all means for EVERYONE. Representation matters not just for the little brown and black children reading these stories, but also for those who aren’t. We need more exposure to the masses of media that portrays black and brown children in leading and strong roles. Since these types of roles don’t fully exist in digital forms, we look to art and books. Here is our current collection. Please note all books were not written by black/brown Authors, and for me, that isn’t always a determining factor in my purchase if the content is well composed.

Keep scrolling to watch the video of my Live on Instagram discussing some of these books and why we love them! We’ve found our books at Book Fairs, Pop Ups, Coffee Shops, Online and more. They’re not hard to find if you look for them! The list is color coded to identify which Books are for Toddlers, New Readers, and Independent Readers.

  1. Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison