Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Sharing a quick and easy chia seed pudding recipe that has quickly become a staple in our household. I love that you can make this your own, include everyone in the family and the simplicity of the recipe as a whole. We make it in our house as a dessert, but it can easily be breakfast, or a mid day snack/pick me up.  So grab your mason jars and lets get started!

Main Ingredients:

  1. Chia Seeds

  2. Almond or Coconut Milk (your preference – I use original not sweetened or unsweetened).

Optional Ingredients: Treat like overnight oats and get creative. Here are some of our favorite flavor combinations.

Chai Flavor : 2 tsp Cinnamon, 1 tsp Nutmeg and 1 tsp Honey

Matcha/Green Tea Flavor: 1.5 tsp Moringa or matcha powder and 1 tsp Brown Sugar or alt Sweetener

Vanilla and Fruit : 1 tsp Vanilla Extract and 1 tsp Alt Sweetener (can be topped with granola)

Instructions: (Makes 1-2 servings)

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of chia seeds into mason jar or any air tight container

  2. Add 1 1/2 cups of milk (general liquid to seeds ratio is 3:1 however, almond milk is less fatty than coconut milk, so less is needed)

  3. Stir and add desired toppings/flavors

  4. Seal container, and refrigerate overnight or minimum 6 hours

That’s all folks. That’s really it.  You just made Chia Seed Pudding in less than 5 minutes. The hard part is waiting until the morning to eat it! Pull your jar out the fridge and enjoy to your heart’s content your guilt free snack. Chia seeds are full of omega-3’s and fiber, so don’t feel guilty for polishing off the jar in one sitting.

Give the recipe a try and leave a comment below with your favorite flavor/topping combo!

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