Days of the Week, Planets, + Planning

So if you didn't see my recent Instagram post, I mentioned how I've been planning my productivity around the days of the week and their planetary rulers.

Yes I am aware of this sounding a bit crazy, but just bare with me.

Have you ever noticed that Monday's you find yourself reflecting the most? The weekend past, anticipating the week ahead? Well Monday is ruled by the moon - the moon is known for disrupting emotions, feeling them, reflecting them all of that jazz.

OK - now let's set the record straight, I didn't just make this up. The days of the week were actually given their name in ancient history by astrologers from many different regions and languages including the Ancient Greek, Ancient Romans etc.,

So here the days of the week and their subsequently rulers

Sunday ruled by the Sun : Energy, Life source

Monday ruled by the Moon : Water, Emotional, Reflective, Intuitive

Tuesday ruled by Mars : Planet of Action, Energy, Aggression

Wednesday ruled by Mercury : Planet of Communication, Connection, and the Mind

Thursday ruled by Jupiter : Planet of Expansion, Luck, Abundance

Friday ruled by Venus : Planet of Beauty, Love,

Saturday ruled by Saturn : Planet of Rules, Structure, and Law

So how does this energy factor into productivity and planning? Well having this super basic foundational knowledge of what the energy each day brings, coupled with my own experiences during these days, I chose to lean into this and do what I like to call, following the path of least resistance.

To me, living intentionally means honoring how things naturally flow and finding harmony within that. I didn't just take note of these planetary energies, I paid attention to my own work flow. Do I really energetically work best going hard on Mondays? Or do I flow better planning on Monday's and getting organized and using Tuesday to go full throttle? Didn't I already enjoy loving and pampering myself after the end of a long work week? So once I recognized the alignment, I really leaned into it and chose to schedule more of my life around this. This allowed me to do what felt good to my body, but also increase productivity while reducing stress and anxiety. Everything had a set time to get done and I was no longer stressing about squeezing in time for things that I naturally didn't want to do on some days.

Currently my schedule calls for:

Sundays: revitalizing my energy, resting, doing things that fill my cup up so that I am energetically prepared for the week ahead.

Mondays: I brain dump and reflect on the tasks that need to be done, let go of the anxiety of what may not have been accomplished the week prior and set my mindset for the week. I've found that planning a day around journaling, organizing, and setting goals SEPARATE from my day of rest was soooo much better. I wasn't blurring the two and able to intentionally do both. I also make sure that I intentionally intake as much water as possible this day, even if I slip up on the others.

Tuesdays: I set my longest to do list and try to knock out as much as I can for the week ahead. I do my grocery shopping, errand running, and work longer hours. It allows me to go with the inertia and get as much done in one spurt so the rest of my week doesn't have to be so intense.

Wednesdays: I usually connect and engage with the most on Wednesdays. The girls and I take weekly hikes/walks on Wednesdays. I'm also most likely to go live, reply to comments, brainstorm, talk more on my stories, send emails etc. It's actually part of the reason I came up with What's Up Wednesdays on Clubhouse.

Thursdays: To be honest, this is my favorite day of the week. I actually found out that I was born on a Thursday - so for me I get a spike of energy. I choose to use this day to start tidying my house and spread it out thru Saturday. I typically clean my office and room first and spend a decent portion of the day doing spiritual practices to ground and meditate to ensure I'm in the vibration to attract and receive abundance and blessings.

Fridays: Do I really have to spell this one out? Friday's I spend taking care of myself, filling my physical wellness cup. I usually will do longer skin care routines, take detox or calming baths, and most importantly, REST!

Saturdays: Since this day is ruled by structure and discipline, I ironically try to be the best adult ever on Saturdays. I check on my plant babies, sing to them. I do things around my house that I may have been neglecting or just get organized. I use Saturday's to really make sure that my foundation is set at home and in my personal life.

So you see - everything has its own time and space. I don't carry as much mental dysfunction and clutter about when am I going to send emails or get to those household tasks throughout the week, because I know I have a set day to get caught up and will more than likely be in the best mood to do so. I no longer worry about when will I have time to rest when working a hard week - which many of us will likely skip over if we don't have prioritize rest, but that's another blog post - because I know that although I may grind and bust my ass Friday's and Sunday's I have time to rest.

And let me tell you, doing things that feel good to you when you want to, when the energy behind it is organic and pure, feeels farrr better than doing things that are just done for the sake of having to do them.

Try it out. Journal your energy levels and productivity. Note how it fluctuates or if you notice any synchronicities and if it's in alignment with the planetary energies. Let me know in the comments below!

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