Face Mapping: What Your Breakouts Mean

Face Mapping

We ALL get acne at some point. If you are one of the unicorns that say you haven’t, lucky you. Understanding the cause of our acne can help determine how we treat and prevent it from recurring. Some acne is hormonal, like the one we get on our chin every time our cycle comes around. While other breakouts come out of nowhere and have us scrambling for every cream and skin care product on the shelf. So here’s a quick guide to understanding your breakout based on its location on your face, this is called face mapping.

Breakout Location and Probable Causes

Forehead: sweat, lack of sleep, and stress cause a lot of breakouts in this area, along with problems within your digestive system

Between Eyebrows: greatly related to greasy foods in diet, dehydration and your alcohol intake or too much coffee

Under Eyes: dehydration, lack of sleep, dirt from makeup – could also be a sign of illness in your kidney, liver or intestines

Cheeks: a lot of these breakouts are caused by too much dairy, touching your face, allergies, smoking, pollution, and dirty pillow cases/phones – can also be sign of issues with lung or respiratory system

Nose: salt intake typically causes breakouts here as well as poor circulation and high blood pressure

Lip Area: primarily based on hormones and ovulation/menstrual cycles,

Chin: hormonal, poor diet (greasy foods) and dehydration

Jaw Line: usually due to hygiene and your stomach – breakouts caused by dirt, processed sugar, and greasy foods

Paying attention to where your breakouts are occurring will help you prevent and treat them faster. Simple adjustments such as adjusting your diet, drinking more water, or changing your pillowcase more often can make all the difference in whether or not you get a breakout. Don’t forget to keep your hands off your face and wipe down your phone’s surface before and after you use it. What habits can you change in your lifestyle to help promote clearer skin?

Check out my recent skin care routine here if you need some ideas on winter skin care.

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