Finally, A REAL Garden!

In case you’ve missed the news, the family and I recently moved from a condo to a house. Finally, I got my garden! I’ve wanted to have a garden of my own since I can remember. I tried growing my garden about 2 years ago in our condo but the only thing we were able to keep alive was our basil. Whether I put them out on the balcony or  brought them inside, soil or water, nothing worked.

Now that I have the space,  I plan to eventually expand and be able to sustain my family’s new pescatarian diet with fruits and vegetables from our garden.

Watering plants June 28th.

Oregano July 20

Habanero July 20

Handy Herbs

Basil July 20

Baby Tomatoes

Strawberries July 20

Rosemary July 20

Working in the rain.

Parsley - missing a few bites July 20

How cute is this little tomato?!

garden herbs  oregano cilantro (I no longer have because the groundhog under my shed ate it) parsley (1st victim of the groundhog, she’s recovering quite nicely) peppermint lavender thyme rosemary habanero red bell peppers strawberries tomatoes basil

handy herbs basil rosemary thyme lavender

At the end of the season, I intend to dry half of my harvest and freeze the other half.  Recently I’ve added my “handy herb” garden on my deck. It’s a cute rack I found on sale at Marshalls. My husband drilled a few holes in the bottom and it was good to go! This will be my everyday garden that I’ll likely replant repeatedly as I use. I wanted to have fresh herbs for use without compromising my young plants.

As I grow, I’ll continue to share my progress and tips along the way. I know I will be working on protecting my plants from wildlife soon LOL.  Leave a comment below, have you ever grown a garden in a multi family building or indoors? What are some of your gardening tips? I’d love to hear from you!

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