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Foods vs Vitamins For Hair Growth

We’ve all heard of the countless hair and nail vitamins there are on the market. I have even spent north of $100 on hair vitamins hoping for my hair to drop down to my knees after finishing my supply… except, I never did finish that supply. No matter how hard I’ve tried I’ve yet to remain consistent enough to see the results. I’d stay strong for a week or two but by week 3 I usually was only taking them a few times a week eventually dwindling off to when I felt like it.

With my recent major hair loss/shedding I was sooo tempted to dive back into the world of vitamins to get my hair back feeling fuller and stronger. After all, when you see the results on all your IG faves, you can’t help but to be tempted. However, after doing some research on the key ingredients, I realized I could skip the entire thing + just find foods with the same good healthy shit (ya know, vitamins + stuff). DUH! I damn sure don’t forget to eat food so it seemed like the obvious route.