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Hair Routine and Tips for Fall

As the leaves turn from green to golden, it’s time to adjust our hair care routine to prepare us for the cool months ahead. With cooler temperatures, it means for most of us, the end of the wash n go or at least a revised version of it.

For me, cooler months mean less shampooing and more co-washing. Sweating less and less humidity in the air decreases my need to use a shampoo since I have much less build-up. I can get my hair clean with a good co-wash and stretch my time between shampoos from weekly to biweekly or sometimes 1x a month depending on my hairs needs. Incorporate more moisturizing and nourishing products during your wash routine, use co-washes to avoid drying the hair too much and richer conditioners.

Because of how drying the air can be, I keep my deep conditioning routine a lot better during winter months and use my heat cap more regularly. I’m in less of a rush to run outside with wet hair and typically wash my hair at night, stretching it while I sleep, allowing me to leave with dry curls by morning. Try to deep condition at least 1-2 a week if you can and use heat or steam to let the moisture seep into your strands. **For add moisture, add nourishing oils like olive oil to your deep conditioners.