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Hard Water – What Is It + How to Combat it

Hey everyone – let’s just jump right into this one, shall we?

Hard water  is water with high mineral content. It goes through processing (usually limestone and chalk) picking up minerals like magnesium and calcium, and sometimes iron – the more minerals it has the “harder” the water is . There are DIY water tests you can perform, but your water supplier should be able to provide this information. Signs of well water are curds, film on glass shower or walls, film on skin after washing. Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it can irritate the skin leave spots in your appliances and dishes, make the hair dry, brassy, sticky and/or unruly.

Another term that’s often used when you hear hard water, is well water. There is a no difference other than that well water is the name of a source of hard water. Well water, as you can imagine, is water that comes from a well in the ground. Other sources of water are ground water, surface water, and springs.

Water should have a ph balance of about 7. pH less than 7