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Holy Grail Natural Hair Brands

I’ve been in the natural/curly hair space for over a decade now. I’ve tried countless brands and product lines. At this point in my personal journey, I’ve decided to slow down on trying every product that’s on the shelves. There are just so many and it can get quite expensive.

 I also know exactly what my hair loves and how it responds to specific products. I know what to feed my hair to keep it healthy and at its optimal level. These products are my holy grails. These are tried and true and I know exactly how they will deliver in my hair every time. These are the brands and products I reach for when I need to revive my hair or when I just need a reliable style. These brands  will always live in my stash. The super special part about this list to me is that, all of these brands feature products that can be used on not only my hair, but both of my daughters hair as well.

OH and did I mention that ALL of my holy grail brands just so happened to be BLACK OWNED?! Woot! Happy Black History Month yall!