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Homeschooling: How We Got Here

Like many parents, I went into the new school year unsure of what it would bring. I tried to remain optimistic that things would flow and we’d eventually get into a groove that worked for our family. Like many parents, I scrolled through my Instagram and Facebook feeds comparing and taking notes of other learning centers to make sure I had created the best environment for my daughters. This year I was intending to start teaching Zoie this year as well and it honestly sounded like an easy feat with the virtual situation providing structure for Mckenzie…and here we are in October officially and successfully Homeschooling!

Ha Ha Ha .. Can we take a moment to laugh, because none of this went as planned.

Here’s our story…

Aside from having to suddenly move during the school year. We were really struggling with connecting. Forcing Mckenzie to sit in front of a computer screen for hours out of the day while her sisters were free to run and play was just not working for us. Mckenzie has never been a tech heavy kid. She’ll play for a bit, but imaginative and hands on play is always her go to. I tried headphones off, headphones off, private space, shared space, e