Honey Baby Naturals : Review

McKenzie is 3.5 years old and I’ve always struggled with deciding on whether or not to share my products with her or buy her her own. When she was a baby, I used as little product as possible and just kept her hair moisturized with a dollop of Shea Moisture’s kids conditioner and some oil. As she has gotten older and her curls have gotten longer and frizzier and full of the lint she seems to collect I found myself sharing all my products with her. While some worked better than others since we have slightly different textures, I found myself going through my products faster and buying more products trying to figure out which product lines worked best for the both of us. Don’t ask why it never dawned on me to just try to find her her own. 

Honey Baby Naturals I stumbled upon from a CurlBox post on IG featuring them in their monthly box. I was quickly drawn to the name and the fact that their product line was made for the whole family.  I started using it just for Mckenzie’s hair first and found myself using the Hair Smoothie on my own hair as a moisturizer on Day 2-4 hair.

The shampoo was gentle enough for her coils without drying them out, yet was able to cleanse her hair of all the lint and other collectibles she manages to get in her hair weekly.  I wasn’t able to get a hold of the conditioner, so I used one of our staples we’ve used in the past and followed up with the Honey Baby Naturals Instant Detangler. While I liked the consistency of this product, it didn’t quite have as much slip as I was hoping for her coils and I ended up  using quite a bit of product to work through her head.

By far the star of the collection in my opinion was the Hair Smoothie, which I’ve been using myself now the last week or two. It was super moisturizing and kept her hair supple throughout the week. The products themselves have a sweet but not overpowering fragrance and didn’t leave too much build up throughout the week as some moisturizers do when you consistently reapply. I found this product line at Target and will certainly be repurchasing the Shampoo and the Hair Smoothie. Once I get the conditioner, I plan to do a full wash day with their product solely on both Mckenzie and I’s hair. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

You can check out more about this brand on their website https://www.honeybabynaturals.com/ and purchase their products there or at Target.

Mama’s do you buy separate products marketed for kids for your little one’s hair or if you’re using natural products just use your own?

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