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Living with Lupus – As a Mom

May is National Lupus Awareness month and if you didn’t know already, I have been living with lupus since 2012. My journey with lupus began less than a year before my journey with Motherhood would begin. Being a mom is hard. Having lupus is hard. Living and managing both is even harder, but POSSIBLE.

When my diagnosis initially came, I was only 19 turning 20 years old. I quickly realized I had to become my own advocate if I wanted to overcome the horrors of the chronic illness. Now, nearly a decade later I manage my symptoms and live a relatively healthy lifestyle. Because there is no cure, not enough medical research available on this disease alike many autoimmune and chronic diseases, I find it incredibly important to spread awareness. The more we make room for these discussions, the more we can connect and grow empathy towards others. As a Mom with Lupus it’s especially crucial that I share my journey so other women have hope to conceive, as well as, hope to journey through both illness and motherhood, empowered.

When Taylor asked me to do this podcast, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’ve known Taylor since Middle School and ironically was completely unaware of her medical hurdles – which goes to show how many of us are struggling silently.