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Mama First, Kitchen and Curls Second

So I’ve been beating myself up quite a bit lately at the progression (or lack there of) of this website. My plan was to get it all up and running and to post weekly and keep up with all the etiquette that makes up a successful blog. BUT, as everyone can clearly see, it did not happen the way I had planned at all. Which I’m sure my fellow moms can relate to. I often have to remind myself that I’m a mom first and although my goals and such are important, they will sometimes fall to the waste side as I strap up my mom gear and take on life.

There have been some changes in the last couple of months that as a result, will likely take the intended route for this website on a slight detour. But don’t go jumping off the ride just yet! I’ve found that life’s detoured route is almost always better than the original.

We’ll talk soon.

With Love, Mama