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Meatless Spaghetti Sauce

My family and I are what I like to call mostly-pescatarian. We (mainly my husband and Mckenzie) eat meat occasionally, but for the most part we live a plant based diet (woot woot it’s been a little over a year – my husband was doubtful I’d stick with this because of how much I love bacon, guess I proved him wrong HA!)

Anyways, when I first started making spaghetti, which seemed super simple, I noticed how much the ground beef in the sauce made a difference in the flavor. I didn’t want to give in and use ground beef or try any other “beef substitutes” so I went for veggies and voila!  the idea to use mushrooms came up. Here’s how I make my meatless spaghetti sauce with mushrooms to taste almost identical to your traditional sauce.

*Note this recipe is just for the spaghetti sauce, I figured making the noodles for spaghetti was pretty self explanatory. However, a quick tip : use salt in your water rather than oil to keep your noodles from sticking. It allows for the sauce to actually penetrate the noodles instead of sliding off.

Feeds 4-6