Melanin Hair Care Review

When I first saw Whitney’s announcement that she was introducing her own product line to the natural hair market, I was over the moon! I mean I’ve been following this girls journey for years. She was one of the first women online I was able to relate to when i started this journey 10 years ago. Then we shared two pregnancies and i swore she was my soul sister lol. Anywho, I jumped ship ASAP to get my hands on these products from the queen of DIY. Who wouldn’t want her handmade products in their stash, I mean, c’mon look at her hair ?

If you haven’t already seen my Instagram, then let me tell you. She didn’t come to disappoint.

First of all, jars of the Twist Elongating Style Cream are 16oz of practically hair magic. The size of the jars, especially for the price of just under $17, is nearly unheard of on the market.

On to application. You can use this product by itself or with a leave-in. Due to the super cold and dry temps here in the DMV, I opted for a leave in. I paired it with Mielle Organics Pomegranate + Honey Leave-In but this formula I’m sure will pair with so many others, just based on how well it soaks into the hair strands.

The cream was a super lightweight and moisturizing and melted into my hair. It was like a hydrating boost of cold water on a summer day that my hair didn’t know it was missing. I could’ve piled the whole jar and my hair would have drank it right on up. The best part is, even after styling my entire head I barely made a dent in the container. A little truly goes a long way, and even if you’re heavy handed like me you don’t have to worry about the white crusty build up, cause there is none honey! Oh and I can’t neglect to mention the definition. It clumped my curls together so well and gave me so much shine. I’m definitely going to be doing a wash and go with this next. It’s literally a one stop shop product.

I sealed my hair with my DIY oil and twisted my hair in about 20 twists. I honestly was still a little skeptical because twist outs just aren’t a fine stranded hair girl’s friend. HOWEVER, after 2 days with my twists i couldn’t resist seeing my results. Even after 2 days, my hair was still super juicy as if I just styled the night before.

These are my results! My hair was super defined, yet still full and fluffy. I absolutely love that I didn’t even have to stretch my twists to achieve this look. It’s been about a week since I’ve unraveled my twists and since I’ve been sick I’ve only refreshed with the crea

If you haven’t already placed your order, I suggest you do so before she sells out again! Check out 

If you’ve already got your order, drop a comment with your results. 🙂

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