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Melanin Hair Care Review

When I first saw Whitney’s announcement that she was introducing her own product line to the natural hair market, I was over the moon! I mean I’ve been following this girls journey for years. She was one of the first women online I was able to relate to when i started this journey 10 years ago. Then we shared two pregnancies and i swore she was my soul sister lol. Anywho, I jumped ship ASAP to get my hands on these products from the queen of DIY. Who wouldn’t want her handmade products in their stash, I mean, c’mon look at her hair ?

If you haven’t already seen my Instagram, then let me tell you. She didn’t come to disappoint.

First of all, jars of the Twist Elongating Style Cream are 16oz of practically hair magic. The size of the jars, especially for the price of just under $17, is nearly unheard of on the market.