Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Story Time!!!

This years Mother’s Days plans came suuper last minute ( I was lucky enough to win a ticket to a blogger/influencer’s panel in NYC Saturday… on Friday morning ). So we packed up Friday night, drove to the Big Apple early Saturday morning, and stayed the weekend.

McKenzie was super excited to stay at a hotel and ride the subway in the city, she even got to jump all over the king size bed when we first got there just like the movies. We took her to the M&M store of course (her nickname is M+M) and she had a blast meticulously picking out her own colors to take home lol, we literally had to drag her out of there. She also got to explore all the princess dresses in the Disney store. Jesse got to visit the 9/11 Memorial and museum since it’s been rebuilt, (he’s a fireman and he’s been itching to see this since it opened) and I’m glad we went, it was a humbling experience. We all found the exhibits and sightings extremely humbling including Mckenzie who was very sad to hear about all the victims and the heroes who didn’t make it. I was quite shocked at how much her 3.5 year old brain and heart empathized and comprehended what happened there at ground zero.

Besides the super informative panel, spending time with my family, and watching my family enjoy their special moments on the trip, eating, oh my eating was the best part. We had probably thee best Italian food. We had brick oven pizza from John’s Pizza the best in the world. The pizzeria was absolutely stunning! It was in an old church and the food was made to order. I don’t think I’ve had better pizza in all my 25 years of life and I’ve had tons of pizza. For our last dinner, we ate at Tony DiNapoli’s. dramatic pause for praise hands The restaurant was family style with superb service. As a mom, it’s rare to go to a restaurant and the staff actually interact with your child throughout the meal making sure they were always smiling and just as apart of the meal experience as the parents are. We had mussels as our appetizer and three cheese tortellini. I think I died and went to food heaven, Jesse almost had to wheel me out of there.

All in all, our spontaneous trip was a success and I think it was the best Mother’s Day to date. I can’t wait for next year! Here’s to impromptu plans, something I know every mom can relate to!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Mamas out there. <3

Unit next time,


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