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Pores Explained

We all have them. 5 million to be exact; and about 20, 000 of them being on our face alone. As annoying as they may be when you’re trying to snap your best selfie, they allow your skin to breathe and help move oil and toxins from the skin. With that many pores, you couldn’t expect them to all the same though right? Of course not! There are 2 different types of pores, oil and sweat. 

Oil pores are where your hair follicle comes out of your face. Sebum, the oil your skin naturally creates, travels through the hair follicle to moisturize your skin. Acne is created when that oil and dirt get trapped within the pore and can’t escape. These pores vary in size, these are the pores on the face that we often complain about. Oil pores are everywhere except the palms of our hands and soles of your feet.

Then you have sweat pores. They are all over your body, but extremely tiny. They are often not visible. These aren’t the pores you’re worried about I’m sure. 

So we understand pores. Now how do we manage them? Can they even be managed?