Pre-Poo, Who Knew?

So this winter has been a tough one on my hair and body. My hair has changed and I can’t seem to keep my immune system to fight off all these yucky viruses and germs that have been floating around. (Ugh, but that’s a story for another time.)  I’ve been changing my hair styling routine almost biweekly now rotating out different products and techniques to keep my curls defined and moisturized in this brutal and unpredictable DC weather. I’ve known about pre-pooing for years, but never felt like it did much for my hair.. until NOW. IDK what I was doing wrong in the past, but it has changed my hair for the better. I pre-poo the night before my wash day (Saturday) and it’s cut down my detangling time and helped retain moisture. The ingredients for my pre-poo oil mix are below.

sweet almond oil

jamaican black castor oil

avocado oil

lavender oil

extra virgin olive oil

vitamin e oil

coconut oil

grapeseed oil

jojoba oil

I heat it up by placing the applicator bottle in a bowl of hot water and apply to my scalp in sections, massaging for about 30 seconds. I then spray my hair with a little water so it’s damp and apply oil mix to my ends and work into my hair. After working through each section, I twist it up and sleep with a shower cap and satin bonnet to keep from ruining my pillow with all the oils and…. Voila! Next morning, I hop in the shower and start my usual wash day routine.

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