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Pregnancy Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog post mom related. Honestly, navigating through motherhood whilst balancing this current pregnancy hasn’t been easy. It’s been a challenge to say the least with 2 under 5 learning how to balance their vastly different needs and cater to them equally all while trying to take care of myself.

Although my pregnancies with Mckenzie and Zoie were turbulent to get through, they weren’t nearly as bad as what I’ve endured so far with this one. For those newcomers, I do have lupus and was diagnosed July of 2012, just a short year before I conceived and birthed Mckenzie. My pregnancy with Mckenzie wasn’t easy, I was 20/21 and had to drop out of college right before my senior year so I was pretty stressed, that only made my lupus flare and pregnancy harder on my body.

My pregnancy with Zoie came almost 3 years later, exactly 1 year after losing a pregnancy; it was difficult but not nearly as painful as it was with Mckenzie. I attribute my lower stress levels to that and my conscious effort to keep myself healthy not just physically but mentally and emotionally. All in all, although my pregnancies were considered “high risk” both times and I was constantly being monitored in my OBGYN’s office, (I mean… I practically lived there), nothing really drastic happened during my pregnancies.