Pregnancy Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog post mom related. Honestly, navigating through motherhood whilst balancing this current pregnancy hasn’t been easy. It’s been a challenge to say the least with 2 under 5 learning how to balance their vastly different needs and cater to them equally all while trying to take care of myself.

Although my pregnancies with Mckenzie and Zoie were turbulent to get through, they weren’t nearly as bad as what I’ve endured so far with this one. For those newcomers, I do have lupus and was diagnosed July of 2012, just a short year before I conceived and birthed Mckenzie. My pregnancy with Mckenzie wasn’t easy, I was 20/21 and had to drop out of college right before my senior year so I was pretty stressed, that only made my lupus flare and pregnancy harder on my body.

My pregnancy with Zoie came almost 3 years later, exactly 1 year after losing a pregnancy; it was difficult but not nearly as painful as it was with Mckenzie. I attribute my lower stress levels to that and my conscious effort to keep myself healthy not just physically but mentally and emotionally. All in all, although my pregnancies were considered “high risk” both times and I was constantly being monitored in my OBGYN’s office, (I mean… I practically lived there), nothing really drastic happened during my pregnancies.

Fast forward to 2018. After rapidly losing about 25 lbs., losing my appetite and the ability to hold food or water down, we found out I was pregnant. Just a couple weeks after, I ended up hospitalized and diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (basically a fancy medical term for excessive weight loss, nausea, vomiting, etc. during pregnancy). The worst part about it is that it doesn’t just affect you during the first trimester like normal morning sickness; on average it lasts the first 20 weeks and can often last throughout your entire pregnancy. So when I tell you I was STRUGGLING, I’ve literally been struggling for energy, to gain weight, to get back to a healthy point where I was strong enough to eat and not feel like passing out after exalting just an ounce of energy. Luckily for me, around the 20-week mark, I started to eat again and regain my appetite. Although I’m eating, I’ve regained energy and strength, the nausea still hasn’t subsided and I’m still struggling to put and keep on weight. (For reference, I’m just now reaching my normal body weight of 135 lbs. currently at 7 months pregnant) Standing at only 5’5 and a ½ you can imagine how tiny I am. My bones/muscles have been aching as I’ve gotten bigger and my sciatic nerve has been kicking my ass, but we’ve been bumping along.

In most recent news, I found out that I have a virus that may affect the baby getting as big, fat, and juicy as she should (well, not like those cute babies with all the rolls on insta cause both my girls were under 7lbs, but you catch my drift). I’ll now have to undergo amniotic fluid testing. OUCH! In short, they stick a needle in your stomach to extract fluid to test. L But, we’re over here trying to stay positive and not lose my our marbles because the testing could cause me to go into labor or open me up for infection and honestly, who has time for that? She’s not ready, hell; WE’RE not ready for her yet! So keep those prayers coming and fingers crossed I survive this testing without going into labor or, more likely to end up happening, passing out from just the thought of being stabbed with a needle in my belly.

Anyway, enough with the drama, that’s what’s been going on on this end with the baby bump. If any of you have any pregnancy stories you’d like to share, drop them in the comments below. I know I’m not the only one with pregnancy complications, so let’s chat and support each other.

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