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I realized with updating my website, it was lacking some basic info, ya know.. like.. WHO THE HECK AM I. So let’s get into it shall we.

Hello! I’m Charis – Mama behind Mama’s Kitchen + Curls aka MK+C. I’m Mckenzie (6 years old), Zoie’s (2 years old), and Rylie (6 months old) mama. I have a passion for helping other women navigate their natural hair journey along with sharing my journey through motherhood and life along the way. I’ve been obsessed with beauty products since I was a young girl and naturally as a woman have found myself indulging in what the market has to offer especially now that there’s a space for brown girls. I hope to inspire, especially brown girls, to live out their lives as authentically as they can. Learning to navigate this world can be difficult especially without a lot of the tools that are now accessible via the handy dandy internet. I hope to to be a resource and build a place of community through sharing my stories of motherhood, being a  young(er) curly girl raising two (soon to be three) brown girls with different textures and features, and bringing folks together through story and food (because who doesn’t love food). I hope you find my website to be informative, funny, and relatable. We’re all human after all just journeying through discovery.

Random Facts about Me: