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Scalp Care 101

We all want long healthy hair. We study the tips and techniques and buy all the products, but are we paying any attention to where our hair comes out of? If you’re here, then you should already know based on this title that I’m referring to your SCALP.  

Your scalp’s health is just as important as the health of your hair, afterall, your hair comes from your scalp. So let’s jump right into some tips that can help you keep your scalp as healthy as possible. 

  1. Co-Washing. A term I’m sure almost every curly girl has heard of.  For those unfamiliar co-washing is washing your hair with a very mild shampoo or often conditioner. Co-washing has many benefits to your hair and helping maintain moisture levels, but co-washing isn’t the best for your scalp. If you’re co-washing – make sure you are following up with a clarifying shampoo at least 1-2x a month to remove buildup on the scalp. Your scalp needs to stay clean in order for it to grow.

  2. Massages. Scalp massages encourage the blood circulation to the hair follicle. In turn, this increases the hair follicles renewal process, which can help aid in hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy.