Scalp Care 101

We all want long healthy hair. We study the tips and techniques and buy all the products, but are we paying any attention to where our hair comes out of? If you’re here, then you should already know based on this title that I’m referring to your SCALP.  

Your scalp’s health is just as important as the health of your hair, afterall, your hair comes from your scalp. So let’s jump right into some tips that can help you keep your scalp as healthy as possible. 

  1. Co-Washing. A term I’m sure almost every curly girl has heard of.  For those unfamiliar co-washing is washing your hair with a very mild shampoo or often conditioner. Co-washing has many benefits to your hair and helping maintain moisture levels, but co-washing isn’t the best for your scalp. If you’re co-washing – make sure you are following up with a clarifying shampoo at least 1-2x a month to remove buildup on the scalp. Your scalp needs to stay clean in order for it to grow.

  2. Massages. Scalp massages encourage the blood circulation to the hair follicle. In turn, this increases the hair follicles renewal process, which can help aid in hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy.


Dandruff. What exactly is Dandruff? Dandruff are flakes of skin that are caused by scalp irritation or oily skin. Contrary to what many believe, dandruff can occur when your scalp is too oily. There are many levels to having and treating dandruff. If you have any questions, I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist to help identify what skin condition you may have on your scalp. I highly suggest not to scratch. Excessive scratching can further irritate the scalp and even damage the hair follicle.


3. Hot Water. Stop using hot water to rinse your hair. If you’ve been following me this long, you should know by now that this is a big No No. If you have lower porosity hair and prefer not to seal your hair shaft with cool water, you can still use lukewarm or warm water to rinse your hair rather than hot. 

4. Use an exfoliant. That’s right, exfoliate your scalp. Just like an exfoliant works to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and body, it can do the same for your scalp and should be part of your regimen.

5. Detox your scalp. You can detox your scalp which essentially gives it a reset. Using an apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay mix, you can extract the toxins from your hair and scalp.

Here are also a few products that can help keep your scalp healthy. Remember that products can only do so much, a big part of keeping your scalp healthy is all in regimen. If in doubt, see a dermatologist.

  1. Ion 9 Shampoo – Great for regular scalp maintenance. I recommend using this at least 1x a month.  It strips hair of the harsh minerals and toxins found in hard water which can build up on the hair and scalp over time. For more on hard water, you can refer to this post.

  2. Rawkyn Gold – Scrub Me Down

  3. Apple Cider Vinegar and Bentonite Clay – used together as a mask 

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