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Silicones – Worth the Worry or Just Silly Cons?

Yes I sure did just do a pun on silicones, it’s funny corny and you know it. 

If you’ve been apart of the natural hair community for any amount of time or just a beauty fan, I’m sure you’ve heard about silicones and how you’re supposed to avoid them like the plague. But do you know why? Here’s the truth about silicones and my personal take on when and how to use them IF you find that you can’t live without them.

Silicones are a common ingredient found in many beauty products. They’re in everything from shampoos to sunscreen. To put it simply, silicones are a plastic molecule that coats a surface giving it a shiny and slippery feel. It’s used in sunscreen to prevent the white waxy look some sunscreens give. In hair products, it’s used primarily to give hair a smooth, shiny look and feel with great slip. You find them often in conditioners and moisturizing products.