Skin Care Update – What Do I Really Use

If you’ve been following me on Insta and watching my stories, you’ve been watching my skin care journey unfold over the last couple months.  I have oily acne prone sensitive skin and have been struggling lately with getting rid of dark spots and minimizing breakouts.

In July I stocked up on a few new products at my local Ulta and decided to give a Korean 10 Step Beauty Routine a go. At first, everything seemed to have kicked off to a great start. My skin seemed to be getting clearer, brighter, and smoother. I was finally seeing the results I had been wanting for years. However, I ruined all my progress when I introduced a new skin care line that I received complimentary from a brand. I’m not sure if the product itself caused my skin to break out or if all the changes at once freaked my skin out, but everything I had worked hard for was quickly gone. I had acne again all over my cheeks and they left more scars than I had started with. Unsure of the cause, I decided to simplify my routine to just the basics.

My current routine is below!

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  1. Cleanse – Washing my face currently with either Murad or Clean + Clear

  2. Exfoliate – I haven’t been doing this EVERY single time I wash my face like I used to since it has become harsh. Now I do it once a day usually just at night. I’m still using my Friedman Beauty Black Charcoal + Sugar Scrub, alternating with my Formula 10.0.06 scrubs

  3. Tone – I’m using Botanics Brightening Toner but will start using from Formula 10.0.06 as well since it has salicylic acid to help prevent acne.

  4. Mask – I ran out of sheet masks a couple weeks ago, so I’ve been using my Formula 10.0.06 and Vichy mask in rotation. Every now and then I’ll use a peel from Friedman Beauty

  5. Serums – I’m only using Derma-E Vitamin C Serum, Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum, and Nooni Dual Essence + my eye serum when I remember or my eyes feel dull and tired.

  6. Oils – Lastly I seal my face with either Vitamin E oil or my Sea Buckthorn oil when I have breakouts as it helps with inflammation and redness.  **If I have any blemishes, I’ll go ahead and put my Clean + Clear Persa 10 Gel on those spots so they’re dry by the morning.

— All products listed can be found on my Amazon store or your local Target or Ulta Beauty Store. —

I stopped using a moisturizer as I found it curdled on my face from all the layers of serums underneath. I personally find the point of the serums and oils to moisturize your face in the first place, so using a moisturizer is unnecessary unless it had an SPF or perhaps my skin felt dry/stiff to the touch. Again do what works for you and your skin. I’m no professional by any means; I just know what works for my skin.

I get through my routine super quickly and I’ve noticed using less has been way more effective. In the future I do plan to try the Mario Badescu Brightening Regimen, which I’ve already purchased, as well as, some of Ayele and Co.’s products like the Sunflower Serum and the Turmeric Face Bar. I’ll be slowly integrating these products into my routine so that I can keep any flare ups under control. You don’t need a ton of expensive products to get the clear smooth bright skin you desire. A simple routine is all you need, so start with a 10 step and cut it down or start small and build your routine. Either way, do what’s best for you and your skin’s needs + let go of steps/products you or your skin don’t like.

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