Winter 2019 Skin Care Routine

So many of you have complimented me on my skin the last several weeks, it has made ya girl feel so good, THANK YOU!  Honestly, taking care of my skin and finally getting a solid routine and set of products that work for my skin has truly helped not only my skin, but also my confidence. I’ve learned so much on this journey to healthy skin and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you all. I hope that it’s helped you all as much as it’s helped me. Here’s my latest winter 2019 skin care routine that has had my skin feeling super baby soft and radiant, and best of all BLEMISH free. I haven’t suffered any new hyperpigmentation marks in months, and I finally don’t panic if I see a small breakout. I truly believe it’s my routine and water intake that has made a huge difference.

Cleanser – First thing in the morning (well, not always first, cause ya know. kids) I wash my face with a turmeric face bar. I don’t apply this directly to my face since it has some natural components that have scratched my skin. Every few days or so, I swap my face bar with the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. Pat skin dry with a clean towel. 

***At night, when removing makeup, I double cleanse using DHC Skin Care’s Deep Cleansing Oil and Face Wash.

Toner – I haven’t put this toner down since I got it back in November/December. It’s the Rose Petal Acne Toner from Ayele & Co. It’s perfect lightweight toner that leaves my skin balanced and not too dry, which is essential. With brittle cold winds, I want to retain as much moisture as I can in my skin.

These are some of my favorite day time masks to use for brightening my skin. They’re great for giving my face a quick pick me up and nice glow.

Mask – Depending on how much time I have, I may throw on a quick mask to help brighten my skin. I wear it while I make breakfast or get the girls ready and rinse it right off to give my skin an extra boost. I typically do deeper detox, sheet and peel masks at night.

Serums – I’ve been using a couple different serums that work together to combat acne as well as aid in hyperpigmentation. I apply the Sunflower Serum first to seal in my skin’s moistur

** After serums, this is typically when you moisturize. Since the Hydraboost is super hydrating for my skin and acts as a serum and moisturizer, I didn’t include this step as I don’t use an additional moisturizer regularly. However, do note, I don’t recommend skipping out on moisturizer.

Sunscreen – This has been the ultimate game changer I believe in my skin care routine to date. I have to be honest; I was naive to the fact that I needed it year round, rain or shine. Protecting my skin has allowed my hyperpigmentation to resolve faster and my other

My night routine slightly varies in that I add Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum every other night before bed along with my other serums. I also exfoliate and use detoxifying masks after step 1, cleansing. If I use sheet masks, I’ll use them as step 3 like stated above.

On lazy days, because we all have them, if I haven’t worn make up, I may opt to wipe my face down with Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion and follow with my serums.

Overall I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin since following this routine and using these products. Increasing my water intake and make sure I don’t pick my face has also helped tremendously. There’s no product/s on the market that will make acne or hyperpigmentation disappear permanently or overnight, but learning what my skin needs and the proper way to care for it has made all the difference in getting the ultimate skin goals I’m working towards.

What are your 2019 skin care goals? Share some of your favorite tips you’ve learned about your skin below! I’m curious to know what’s been a game changer for you.

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